FAA/CIA Takes Break From Poisoning Oregonians With Chemtrail Attacks During Hollywood Visit from HAARP/Chemtrail Exposer Jonathan Frakes

Patriot News

Taken in Estacada, Oregon

These Estacada chemtrail bombardment photos were taken largely in May 2014, along with several photos featuring visiting Hollywood/TV stars Rebecca Romijn and other cast members of Johnathan Frakes’ “The Librarians” tv show which was also filming in town at the time. Interestingly, however, during the three days of their filming, almost no chemtrailing was done over our town during the daytime. Jonathan Frakes and his cast are well known for exposing in their films and documentaries HAARP, MK Ultra, Cognitive Dissonance, using fear to override and control people, etc.

Over Key Bank and Hi-School Pharmacy in Estacada, Oregon:


This shot of two separate palrallel-flying chemplanes’ wakes, was taken about 8 PM, when the CIA and FAA send planes to start heavy air poisoning residents just in time for nightfall settling of the heavy metals and filth in the tanks every…

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