SURVIVAL POD INFO: How to Build a Survival Capsule, Escape Pod, Storm Shelter

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Uploaded on Feb 18, 2012
The MKPOD1 -Survival Capsule, Escape Pod, Storm Shelter- was designed to save your life and the lives of those who rely on you. You can build it or have somebody else do it. Be prepared; Act now.
Model: MKPOD1
Designed and Engineered by MobyKraft Inc.
-Capacity: 5 people – 1,250 lbs [567 Kg].
-Dimensions: Height: 41 in [1041 mm], Width (max): 78 in [1981 mm].
-Weight (approx.): 160 lbs [73 Kg].
-Two access/exit hatches (main and emergency exit).
-Equipped with breathing / sighting fittings.
-Lifting/anchoring lugs (also designed for helicopter lift).
-Construction Materials: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), Plywood, Aluminum Alloy, high strength PVC, Stainless Steel and Galvanized Carbon Steel.
-No special tools required for fabrication. No metal welding required.
-It can be fixed (anchored) as storm shelter, or allowed to move (float) in case of flood or tsunami.
-It is portable; can…

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