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Posted on 5 April, 2014 by Skizit

Directed Energy Weapons Cause Horrendous Injuries to Targeted Individuals, Elderly and Handicapped

by Skizit Gesture
April 5, 2014

YouTube Channel

Gangstalkers Steal Brain Frequencies for Torture

“He who controls the entire electromagnetic spectrum will dominate the world.” – V. I. Vernadsky (1863-1945)

How is America treating its elderly? The woman you see in these pictures is being tortured and murdered with Directed Energy Weapons. Her even more elderly mother has recently been killed with these weapons. These injuries were made by an unseen criminal at a distance outside the victim’s home. The perpetrators commit some kind of assault on the victim almost every day. They got on this victim’s computer and erased 200 more pictures of this torture. A laser [1] is a line-of-sight weapon so someone is using see-through-wall technology to see where the victim is in their home and can see the…

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