PAMELA GELLAR: Mossad Agent/Agitator Who Supports Execution of Christians (Noahide Law)?

Patriot News


PATRIOT NEWS NOTE: The Noahide “Laws” were used by the extremely evil Sanhedrin and other evil Jews to crucify our Lord Jesus Christ, who was himself half-Jewish through his mortal mother Mary. Many Jews, including the Twelve Apostles, were also hunted down by the evil Jews and the Sanhedrin. As for the rest of this article, please research all of this information thoroughly. If Pamela Gellar is an MK Ultra or other Mossad Agent/Agitator that is trying to institute this on our shores, then Pamela Gellar has knowingly or unknowingly waged war against the United States of America, as have every other citizen who is involved with this, including possibly Sean Hannity and definitely George H. Bush.)

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