MINDWAR: U.S. Military Used Church of Satan/Presidio Child Prostitution Leader Aquino to Create Today’s Cell Tower ELF Brainwashing Program

Patriot News

MINDWAR: U.S. Military Cell Tower ELF Brainwashing Program

PATRIOT NEWS: Mike Aquino is a worthless Satanic, child-molesting piece of garbage traitor. He needs to go shove his head up Satan’s disembodied rectum and shut up…or better yet, turn himself in to the authorities for his many murders, child rapes and treason.


Published: November 16, 1987

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 15— The Army announced it is closing and demolishing a child-care center at its base at the Presidio after allegations that as many as 60 youngsters were sexually abused there.

Maj. Greg Rixon, an Army spokesman at the Pentagon, said the Presidio Child Development Center would be closed Friday and a new center would be opened by April.

A Presidio spokesman, Bob Mahoney, said the closing, which was disclosed Saturday, was for ”health, safety and sanitation reasons, and not as a result of allegations of…

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